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Private and Public Companies

Many of our clients are private and public companies seeking cost-effective valuation solutions to get reliable indications of value for financial reporting purposes and tax planning and reporting. Emerging, growth companies or companies seeking guidance on building shareholder value are the best candidates for our valuation consulting services, including Value Creation.

Public Accounting Firms (Auditors and Tax)

Auditors and Tax professionals refer their clients for us to provide greater independence and reliability to the values presented in the financial statements of their clients. In some cases, we have been engaged to assist public accounting firms with the review of the business valuation and intangible asset valuation analyses of their clients.

Private Equity Firms and their Portfolio Companies

Private equity firms add value to their portfolio companies by providing financial and intellectual capital. We provide cost-effective valuation solutions so that these new relationships can quickly proceed to create value for everyone.

High Net-Worth Individuals and their Advisors

We have an expertise in providing independent, defensible appraisals of equity interests (business valuation) or the value of intangible assets for our client’s financial and tax planning or tax reporting.

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