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Valuation appraisal services

We operate in a world where nothing is constant but the exhilarating SPEED of business and the frequency of CHANGE.

Company management and high net worth individuals find themselves in need of responsive, highly qualified, experienced professionals to provide them with independent opinions of value.

When we provide valuation services and expert opinions it allows our clients to thrive in today’s competitive, dynamic, and regulated business environment. Our experience with securities litigation gives us particularly good insight into the risks of circumventing the proper regulation in the capital markets.

We maintain our eminence in this practice by involving ourselves with the changing regulatory environment and the parties who drive the discussions about change.

Generally, we provide opinions of values (independent appraisals) of businesses, equity and debt securities, and intangible assets for the following purposes:

Financial Reporting

FAS 123(R)/ASC 718 – Stock Compensation: Private companies seek to compensate their employees with equity interests (e.g., restricted securities and stock options) in the business. We provide management and their advisors with an opinion of the fair value of these securities (business valuation).

FAS 141R/ASC 805 – Business Combinations: Public and private companies seek to add value to their business by acquiring other enterprises and/or their assets. We provide management and their advisors with an opinion of the fair value and remaining useful lives of the acquired intangible assets.

FAS 142/ASC 350 – Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets: Public and private companies that acquire other companies and their assets have to perform a yearly test to measure the potential impairment of goodwill. We provide management and their advisor with an opinion of the fair value(s) of the company’s reporting unit(s).

Estate and Gift Tax

Estate and Gift Taxes: For tax reporting on Form 705 or Form 706, Date of Death Valuation and/or Alternate Valuation Date for Equity Interests in Privately-Held Companies or in Intangible Assets.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning: We provide tax advisors and high net-worth individuals with reliable indications of the fair market value of equity interests in privately-held companies and/or intangible assets.

Litigation Support/Expert Testimony

Attorneys and their clients need reliable estimates of the potential economic damages, including the diminution in the value of businesses or equity interests, arising from alleged improper actions of others. We can provide estimates of the change in value arising from these allegations and court testimony, if necessary.

Venture Consulting and Value Creation

In addition to providing valuation services (independent appraisals), the other professional service that we provide is valuation consulting services. In many cases, we utilize a valuation consulting service called Value Creation. Value Creation is based on a proprietary framework that we have used to enhance shareholder values and measure and enhance performance at both large and small private companies in various industries. We have also presented this valuation consulting service as a tool for enhancing shareholder returns at publicly-traded firms as well.

Value Creation leverages off of our valuation experience (accounting and finance) and knowledge of the capital markets by providing valuable financial and strategic advice to company management, entrepreneurs and the management of emerging companies who are looking for greater guidance to increase shareholder value.

In past years, our professionals have also been involved in community and government efforts to increase business development in particular areas of the country (e.g., Rebuild LA) and even the world (e.g., Kuwait Ministry of Finance).

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