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Valuation Services What We Do


Our focus is providing reliable appraisals of value.
Our opinions and appraisal reports are used for a financial reporting (GAAP), tax (Estate and Gift Tax), and internal purposes (shareholder/partner buyout, succession planning or business combination). And if a real estate asset needs to be valued, we can recommend some of the top real estate appraisal firms in the country to assist a client.


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  • Entrepreneurs want to know the potential value of their business idea when they are formulating their business plans. They also want our assistance with creating a set of cash-flow projections that can used for their initial business planning and performance measurement.
  • Shareholders and senior management want to know the potential value of their company and/or the value of other privately-held companies when doing their due diligence for mergers or acquisitions.
  • Privately-held companies want to take advantage of certain tax strategies (e.g., C to S Corp. conversions) where they need to estimate the “fair market value” of all of the company’s assets, including intangible assets as of a certain date.
  • Shareholders and managers of privately-held companies need to know the “fair value” of company stock and equity-derivative securities for financial reporting purposes (ASC 718).
  • Shareholders and management of privately-held companies need to understand the “fair market value” of stock options or other equity-based awards for tax purposes (Section 409A and Section 83(b) elections).
  • Shareholders of privately-held companies need to establish the “fair market value” of their equity securities for estate and gift tax planning and when transactions are contemplated between shareholders (e.g., buyouts).
  • Equity Valuation for Succession Planning.
  • Publicly traded and privately-held companies need the “fair value” and remaining useful lives of acquired intangible assets for their financial reporting (ASC 805) when a company or its assets are acquired by another company. In some projects, management and their advisors want to know the “fair market value” of these assets for tax reporting compliance or for a tax planning opportunity.
  • Publicly traded and privately-held companies need the “fair value” of their goodwill and other indefinite lived intangible assets tested for potential impairment (ASC 350 and ASC 360).
  • Attorneys and their clients need an expert opinion and an expert report documenting the economic impact to the value of their businesses and/or investments when a damaging action or activity is alleged.
  • Sometimes shareholders and management of both private and publicly traded companies utilize our proprietary Value Creation framework to measure and enhance overall company performance and to increase shareholder value.