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Why Choose Valuation & Venture Consulting


We know that shareholders, entrepreneurs, senior management for both private and publicly traded companies, and financial advisors to high net-worth individuals want the most reliable estimates of value for their business, equity interests and intangible assets.


An estimate of value or appraisal requires a unique combination of knowledge and capabilities, including, but not limited to the following: extensive experience with quantitative financial analysis, a knowledge of economics and how industries and their market participants operate competitively, a historical perspective and current information about the capital markets, and knowledge about how to research the regulatory reporting requirements for the valuation of businesses, equity interests and intangible assets.

Our professionals possess the analytic skills necessary for a scientific approach to the valuation process and the support for an opinion of value.


We know what it’s like to run a business or practice and what it takes to create value. Our valuation professionals are analytic, personable, thorough, and good communicators – we are able to explain valuation concepts and solutions in a simple and straightforward manner.

ValuationVC succeeds because of relationships with clients and our relationships with their advisors. Exceptional client service is one of our core values and because of it we have become a trusted partner with our clients and their advisors rather than simply a service provider.